We want you to enjoy your jewellery for as long as possible. A few things can help keep your pieces in good condition.

Remove your jewellery before cleaning, showering or taking a bath. Try to avoid direct contact with perfume, creme and oil. Do not wear your jewellery in swimming pools or spas and while doing sports. Remove your jewellery during manual labor, including housework, to prevent it from damage.

To clean your jewellery pieces, you can use warm water, soap and a soft brush. To dry use a soft cloth.

If you don´t wear your jewellery for a while, it will tarnish. This is a natural process that can easily be removed. For precious metal, like silver, you can use a jewellery polishing cloth or a special silver bath.

Store your jewellery safely and prevent parts from moving, preferably in the original packaging.

Over time, your jewellery naturally get signs of use and wear, gold-plating may fade.

All jewellery is created and handcrafted in our own studio in Hamburg. We are very selective about the heritage of the fine materials we use and look back on a long lasting and personal relation with our suppliers. Gold plated pieces are covered with a high quality top surface layer of 18 carat gold. The jewellery is also available in other precious metals and sizes.

If you have any questions or a special request, feel free to contact us via

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